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Picures are only reference to bloom and size of plant.

Orchid not in bloom.

Bare root


Celebrated for its stunning display during the spring season, this remarkable orchid spends most of the year leafless, making its bloom an exquisite spectacle. Witness cascades of vibrant yellow flowers as their spikes emerge from the base of the root system, creating a captivating sight. Indigenous to Indo-China and Nepal, this particular orchid was initially documented by Charles Parish. An esteemed missionary and renowned orchid collector during his time, Parish's discovery adds a historical touch to the allure of this captivating spring-blooming beauty.


🔧  Skill Level:   Intermediate to Advanced

🪴  Size:   Miniature

🎍  Perfect for Terrariums

☀️  Blooming Season:  All Year

🌸  Blooms:   Small yellow, pink blooms

👃  Fraguance:  No


🌡  Temperature:   Warm to Hot (☀️ 29°C / 21°C) | (❄️ 25°C / 18°C)

💧   Watering:   Daily watering; allow to dry by evening or maintain in high-humidity terrariums

☁️   Humidity:   Minimum 40%, Good Airflow to Prevent Rot

💡   Light:   Thrives in Low to Bright Indirect Light

🌰   Growing Medium:   Can be mounted or grown on a bed of moss; Ideal for terrariums

🧪   Fertilization:   Low application recommended


*Care information based on average family care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment



Chiloschista sakura × sib

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