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Paphiopedilum wenshanense is native to southern areas of China and can be found in southeast Yunnan. It grows in densely shrubby and grassy slopes in limestone areas at an elevation of around 1000m-1200m. 


It is a moderately warm growing species which enjoys bright sunshine without access to direct sunlight, so during midday they must be placed behind a curtain or in the shade of other plants. This orchid requires a temperature regime with daytime temperatures remaining at  20-25 ° C and night time temperatures averaging 16-22 ° C. For successful cultivation at home, the night temperature of the content should always be 3 ° C lower than the daily one. 


Paphiopedilum wenshanense can be grown in a pot. A mixture of bark of coniferous trees with peat is best suited as a substrate. We suggest repotting annually with the best time in Spring which is the beginning of new growth. If this orchid is planted incorrectly, for example, too high, the orchid's roots will hang in the air and can stop growing.


These orchids require frequent and abundant watering throughout the year. Excess water during irrigation should flow freely from the pot, since stagnation of water both inside the pot can very quickly lead to root rot. The substrate between waterings should dry well, but not dry completely. After watering,  water should be ideally removed from the leaves with tissue. 

Paphiopedilum wenshanense (FS)

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