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Picures are only reference to bloom and size of plant.

Orchid not in bloom.

Bare root


🔧  Skill Level:   Intermediate to Advanced

🪴  Size:   Miniature

🎍  Perfect for Terrariums

☀️  Blooming Season:  All Year

🌸  Blooms:   Small yellow, pink blooms

👃  Fraguance:  No


🌡  Temperature:   Warm to Hot (☀️ 30°C / 18°C) | (❄️ 25°C / 15°C)

💧   Watering:   Daily watering; allow to dry by evening or maintain in high-humidity terrariums

☁️   Humidity:   Minimum 40%, Good Airflow to Prevent Rot

💡   Light:   Thrives in Low to Bright Indirect Light

🌰   Growing Medium:   Can be mounted or grown on a bed of moss; Ideal for terrariums

🧪   Fertilization:   Low application recommended


*Care information based on average family care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment


Taeniophyllum pusillum is known for its diminutive size and unique characteristics. This epiphytic orchid is typically found in tropical and subtropical regions, often growing on trees or rocks. The species is characterized by its small, delicate, and intricate flowers that bloom in clusters. The individual flowers are typically inconspicuous, and the plant relies on its overall aesthetic appeal.

The leaves of Taeniophyllum pusillum are usually reduced to small scales, and the plant primarily derives nutrients from the surrounding environment, including air and rain. This adaptation is typical of many orchid species, where they develop specialized mechanisms for obtaining nutrients without relying heavily on soil.

Due to its small size and inconspicuous nature, Taeniophyllum pusillum may not be easily noticed in its natural habitat. Orchid enthusiasts and botanists often appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of this species, exploring forests and jungles to find and study these fascinating plants.

Taeniophyllum pusillum × sib

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