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Relatively easy to grow, these orchids are rarely found in many collections. The name is derived from the Greek words 'aer' (air) and 'angos' (urn), referring to the form of the lip. There are collectively around 50 species in this genus which can be found in tropical Africa, the Comoro Islands, Madagascar and even Sri Lanka

Species are usually epiphytic, sometimes lithophytic small orchids, resembling Vandas in appearance. 

Their appearance usually consists of large, waxy, star-shaped flowers that are commonly white, cream-colored or yellow, with a long, nectar-filled spur that are often longer than the flower itself.

There is usually a single stem with many flowers on a long raceme. Their lip is flat and can resemble the petals and sepals, giving off a sweet scent throughout the night. Also, there are typically six to ten parallel-veined, fleshy, evergreen leaves.

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