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Dendrobiums being mostly epiphytic and lithophytic orchids and a member of the Orchidaceae family consists of over 1,800 species which can be found in a multitude of diverse habitats throughout much of southeast Asia including China, Japan, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Guinea, Vietnam and much of Polynesia.

It is important to note that the equator runs through the middle of this territory where it is consistently hot at sea level without any seasonal variation, yet confusingly they have also been found in wet lowlands as well as at high-altitude within the cooler mountain range.

Varying tremendously is the shape and form of their stems and leaves, yet the pattern of flowers remains fairly constant which vary in size. Typically the bases of the sepals are fused to the foot of the column and the lip base forming a mentum or 'chin' which often houses nectar. While the species vary in appearance, all of them are known for their profuse blooms that come in a variety of pastel tones. 

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