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"Blossoms of Light" World's First Fluorescent Orchid

Chiba University Unveils World's First Fluorescent Orchid at World Orchid Show 2024

fluorescent orchid

Step into a world of floral innovation as Chiba University's pioneering research team, led by Professor Emeritus Masahiro Mii and researcher Dong Poh Chin, unveils the extraordinary: the world's first fluorescent orchid! Behold the enchanting Glowing Phalaenopsis Orchid, a marvel that bathes in yellow-green fluorescence under the allure of black light.

What sets this orchid apart is not just the petals but the entire plant body that radiates with an ethereal glow. The magic lies in the introduction of a gene for a fluorescent protein, ingeniously sourced from Cyridius poppei, a captivating marine plankton. Credits to NEC Solution Innovators and Nara Institute of Science and Technology for crafting this luminescent protein.

Chiba University's team skilfully harnessed this innovation, genetically transforming a white-flowered Phalaenopsis variety into the mesmerizing "Glowing Phalaenopsis Orchid." The culmination of this ground breaking work will make its debut at the World Orchid Show 2024, hosted at Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall from February 7th to 14th, marking the 34th edition of Japan's grand flower festival.

Imagine a spectacle of over 1,000 orchid species adorning the exhibition, with a grand entrance gate composed of a breath taking 100,000 orchids welcoming visitors. As you step through, immerse yourself in the "Flower Garden in the Sky," boasting walls over 4 meters high, adorned with a cascade of vibrant orchids. Don't miss the alluring "Fantasy Orchid Night," cloaked in jet-black with avant-garde decorations, creating a truly magical experience.

This floral extravaganza isn't just about ground breaking orchids; it's a convergence of talent. Witness the mastery of the world's most skilled flower artists, and anticipate the crowning of the Grand Prix for the most exquisite orchid. Join us in celebrating nature's beauty and human ingenuity at the World Orchid Show 2024, where innovation meets floral enchantment!

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