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Picures are only reference to bloom and size of plant.

Orchid not in bloom.



Leptotes unicolor is a miniature epiphytic orchid species originating from humid environments such asBrazil and Paraquay. Happiest when mounted on a branch, stick, cork or bark with some flat moss to cushion the roots, these orchids are pretty easy to manage, favouring and flourishing in bright indirect sunlight.

They flourish in a range of temperatures from warm to cool though they prefer not reaching temperatures lower than 10°C. Preferably water this plant with rainwater and then monitor closely to assess whether the roots have dried out before misting or watering again as they do not benefit from too much moisture. This orchid also appreciates a fair amount of air movement and can bloom in spring, summer and autumn, producing a sweet floral scent and fruits are used as a substitute for vanilla in milk and ice cream.


🔧 Skill Level: Intermediate

🪴 Size: Small to Medium

🎍 Perfect for Terrariums? Yes, suitable for terrariums due to its size and care requirements.

☀️ Blooming Season: Spring to early summer

🌸 Blooms Size and Color: Small, delicate flowers with a lavender-blue hue

👃 Fragrance: Light, sweet fragrance, particularly noticeable during the day

🌡 Temperature:

  • Summer (☀️): Highs around 25-30°C (77-86°F) / Lows around 18-23°C (64-73°F)
  • Winter (❄️): Highs around 20-25°C (68-77°F) / Lows around 12-18°C (54-64°F)

💧 Watering:

  • Keep soil consistently moist during active growth.
  • Allow slight drying between waterings during dormant periods.

☁️ Humidity: Moderate to high humidity; 50-70% is optimal.

💡 Light:

  • Bright, indirect light.
  • Protect from harsh midday sun.

🌰 Growing Medium:

  • Well-draining orchid mix with bark, sphagnum moss, and perlite.

🧪 Fertilization:

  • Balanced orchid fertilizer applied at half strength every 2-4 weeks during the growing season.
  • Reduce or halt fertilization during dormancy.


*Care information based on average family care, use it as guide and should be adapted to suit your environment

Leptotes Bicolor (FS)

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