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Picures are only reference to bloom and size of plant.

Orchid not in bloom.

Mounted on 6cm square cork.


Found terrestrially or epiphytically at elevations of 220m- 1500m in the forests of foothills, these minature sized, warm to cool growing specieies originate from Venezuela, Surinam, Guyana, French Guiana, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.


TEMP: It is a thermophilic plant. In summer, the average day temperature is 30-31 ° C and night 21 ° C, with a daily amplitude of 10-11 ° C. The average winter temperature is between 23-27 ° C and at night 14-16 ° C, giving a diurnal difference of 8-12 ° C.

LIGHT: It prefers to live in a medium bright position, though the light should be filtered and dispersed, and the plants should never be exposed to direct sunlight. Strong air movement is reccommended all of the time.

WATERING:  The substrate of the plants should be moist, and between each watering should only slightly dry out. In late autumn, watering should be gradually reduced.

The Tiny Masdevallia, Masdevallia minuta (FS)

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