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Picures are only reference to bloom and size of plant.

Orchid not in bloom.


🔧 Skill Level:Intermediate
🪴 Size:Large, Vining
🎍 Perfect for Terrariums?No, due to size
☀️ Blooming Season:Infrequent; typically spring to early summer
🌸 Blooms Size and Colour:Small, greenish-yellow
👃 Fragrance:Not very
🌡 Temperature:(Summer ☀️: 25-35°C / 77-95°F)
💧 Watering:Keep soil consistently moist, reduce in winter
☁️ Humidity:High humidity preferred (60-80%)
💡 Light:Bright, indirect light; tolerate some direct sunlight
🌰 Growing Medium:Well-draining orchid mix or airy, loose medium
🧪 Fertilization:Regular feeding during active growth (spring and summer)

Vanilla planifolia, known for its iconic vanilla flavor, requires attention to its specific needs. The vining nature of this orchid makes it unsuitable for terrariums, but its large size can be a stunning feature in larger orchid collections. Providing the right temperature, humidity, and light conditions, along with a well-draining medium, will ensure the health and occasional flowering of this remarkable orchid.

Vanilla planifolia × sib

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